Premier Business Management Solutions, (PBMS, Inc.)

Why should I use PBMS, Inc for my debt settlement??

Our Expertise - Business Debt Settlement is our core business. We have an affiliate  staff of several  industry professionals including  attorneys, former debt collectors and debt negotiators all focused on settling debts within your limited budget. 

What types of debt are handled?

We handle most types of debts such as suppliers, services, contractors, credit cards, you name it..  We also handle leases and loans, but not in all cases.  The only real way to know if we can help you with a particular debt is to ask.  Not only will we tell you if we can help, we can also give you insight into the potential actions and remedies available to the creditor. 

Why should I use a professional service?

You can do it yourself.  As a matter of fact, many of our clients did  negotiate on their own prior to engaging us.  They came to us after failing with the payment plans they had set up.  Listed are a few of the advantages of using our services.

  • The stress and aggravation. Many clients come to us for this reason alone.  When we represent you there is no reason to dodge calls. If a collector calls, simply refer them back to us.  t feels great to know your situation is being handles professionally.

  •  Negotiating under pressure can make a bad situation worse.  Payment plans made under pressure may buy you some time, but inevitably those payment plans are broken because the payments were unaffordable to begin  with. Once you've broken your payment terms for a  second time, your credibility is lost.

  • The time it takes you - writing checks - the accounting - time on the phone - the constant interruptions - upset employees - always putting our fires - If we handle your debt problems, you will be able to get back to work. 

  • Unlimited settlement options - We do not believe in trying to force a particular settlement on creditors; after all, we are asking them to compromise.  The truth is that we do give creditors unlimited settlement options. They can determine when they get paid or how much they get paid and sometimes both. By giving the creditors a choice in the matter they are more cooperative  and can satisfy their own settlement requirements while working within your budget.